Cyberpunk challenge update - Glitches and graffiti

Work In Progress / 27 March 2020

A little bit over a week left until the challenge is over and here is another update :) 

Changes since last time:

 I replaced the screens with mock game screenshots and after watching a couple of tutorials on youtube figured out how to make the screens glitch and flicker . 

Graffiti decals on the train carts outside and some elements inside.

Small adjustments in the lighting.

More small props for the interior cameras. (bottles, longobard, walkman, casettes, backpack )

Fixed some geometry errors.

Added some more variations to the buildings window texture so it has 16 options instead of the previous 4, randomly chosen according to world position.

Not a lot of time left until the deadline so I think I'll just try to focus on getting a short animation ready before the time is up because I've already spent a lot of time working on this one which was, but if anyone has ideas to improve it i'll find the time to do it :).

drop a comment, wash your hands and stay safe everyone!