Foliage update....again

General / 22 September 2020

I updated my foliage...again! :p

Since I've posted this scene I haven't been happy with how the foliage looked, The method I used originally has worked great in the past for other stylized scenes with dynamic lighting and a different aesthetic, but somehow it wasn't working for this scene because the trees are larger and puffier than the ones I've used on other scenes, so that technique didn't end up looking so great, After trying 1 or 2 other methods without succes I think I've finally arrived at one that looks better.

I looked at my references again and decided to try a look that I always wanted to try since I saw the post on the polycount forums about making stylized trees, the airborn trees , recently I saw similar trees here by Kevin Brunt,  and really liked the fluffier look they have. I think it works much better with the scene and hopefully now I can let this scene rest.... for now. 😄

I also updated the lighting a little bit, I was getting a washed out look because I had bumped up the skylight to get brighter shadows, I lowered the intensity back to default and increased the indirect lighting contribution from the sun. 

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