Foliage update....again

General / 22 September 2020

I updated my foliage...again! :p

Since I've posted this scene I haven't been happy with how the foliage looked, The method I used originally has worked great in the past for other stylized scenes with dynamic lighting and a different aesthetic, but somehow it wasn't working for this scene because the trees are larger and puffier than the ones I've used on other scenes, so that technique didn't end up looking so great, After trying 1 or 2 other methods without succes I think I've finally arrived at one that looks better.

I looked at my references again and decided to try a look that I always wanted to try since I saw the post on the polycount forums about making stylized trees, the airborn trees , recently I saw similar trees here by Kevin Brunt,  and really liked the fluffier look they have. I think it works much better with the scene and hopefully now I can let this scene rest.... for now. 😄

I also updated the lighting a little bit, I was getting a washed out look because I had bumped up the skylight to get brighter shadows, I lowered the intensity back to default and increased the indirect lighting contribution from the sun. 

"A Work of Art Is Never Finished, Merely Abandoned"


Foliage and shaders update

General / 10 July 2020

So it's time for another update 

After struggling a lot to get the lighting just right I finally managed something I like, I updated all the shaders again and might keep tweaking them just a little bit until it's finished, I also added some parallax mapping to the rocks and red bricks to make them pop out more. 

The foliage was made mostly using the mtree addon in blender for the trunks and scattering some planes using a particle system over some boolean spheres to get the nice rounded silhouettes.  

Hopefully this weekend I can start working on the house in the background from the original concept and fix some other details around the scene.

Cyberpunk challenge update - Arcade cabinets

General / 13 March 2020

Small update, for this one I mostly worked on refining the shape and polishing the geometry of my arcade cabinets and a couple of small props for the interior. I also adjusted the lighting so that it is shining from the main screen and not from the top and reduced the intensity of the other lights I had inside. 

I'm on the fence if I should add some foliage behind the wall of the train station, let me know what you think! :)

Next step is adding some big advertising signs all over the background and some pipes on the building's facades.

Cyberpunk challenge update - Modeling

General / 10 March 2020

Hi everyone, it's update time!

Since the last update I've taken most of the elements of the scene from blockout to a mid-high resolution level, next I'll start working on some smaller scale props to add some storytelling to the scene, some more details to the background (can't have a cyberpunk scene without some neon signs) still plenty of work to be done. (textures,decals,maybe some foliage)

Also I'm glad I decided to do all the 3d modeling in blender, I'm finally feeling more comfortable with it and the more I use it the easier it gets,  I felt tempted to go back to 3dsmax a couple of times but it's also fun to experiment with new tools.

Cyberpunk challenge update - Buildings, stars and cables

General / 06 March 2020

For this update I've added some bg buildings, they don't look as cyberpunk-ish as I would like them but they work for now and I'll add some more elements to the bg later. I added some brighter stars to the sky (just cubes with emissive material :p). Lots of cables where added and I probably still need to add a lot more to get that cyberpunk vibe in the scene. 

All comments critiques and ideas are welcome :) !

Cyberpunk challenge update - lighting

General / 03 March 2020

Made some adjustments to the lighting, going for a more colorful overwatch inspired vibe.

Cyberpunk challenge / update

General / 02 March 2020

Not a lot of free time since the last update (and a little burnt out from work) but I've managed to get all the elements I have for now into UE4 (first time using blender for a scene so it took me a while to figure out the best way to do it), still a lot of work to be done but now that I have the main elements placed I can start adding more detail. until the next update :) 

Cyberpunk challenge update - Blockout

General / 24 February 2020

Working on the blockout for my scene in blender, next I will be adding some more blockout elements and then taking the scene into UE4.


Cyberpunk challenge concept design

General / 16 February 2020

Finally finished the concept design now I can start blocking out the scene in 3d. 

Cyberpunk street

General / 09 February 2020 

Cyberpunk illustration I did with procreate to get in the mood for my next environment, not sure if the quality is enough to put it on my portfolio but wanted to share it here, let me know what you think! 😊