Update, blockout

Work In Progress / 14 June 2021

Made some progress this week with the general blockout of the scene in blender, next I'll take the scene into unreal and try to figure out the first lighting pass and add some more details. 

New personal project

Work In Progress / 05 June 2021

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a lovely day! 

This year I've already done 2 personal projects, the first one was a zelda inspired scene was based on an awesome concept by Andrew Porter and the other was my entry for the Artstation Space Opera Challenge, now I'm going to try and do one from my own concept design, this is just a first idea, and the composition might change a bit once I have the main elements blocked out and can get a good look at them in 3d, the idea is to expand from the Cyberpunk Arcade scene I did last year and do something similar in style.

Inspiration for this one are Fallout, Ratchet and Clank, Overwatch and Borderlands among others. 😊



Foliage update

Work In Progress / 19 March 2021

For this update I replaced the trees with a more polished stylized version, my workflow consisted in using the MTree addon from blender to create the trunk shape and canopy, then sculpting the trunk detail in zbrush, and then baking and texturing in substance painter using a procedural workflow to be able to save it as a smart material and quickly texture the other trees. Similar workflow for the cactus, then for the leaves and shrubs I used substance designer for the texture and a normal edit modifier in blender to get the normals from a sphere and get that final shading effect in unreal.  

Next I'll focus on the ground and rock textures.



Birds and happy clouds

Work In Progress / 13 March 2021
For this update I've added some vfx to the scene, I thought about trying out the volumetric clouds but I wanted something a little bit more stylized so I attempted to paint a cloud in procreate and it turned out better than expected (I uploaded the file at the bottom of the post in case anyone wants to use it for their own project). For the stylized wind I followed this awesome tutorial by Dean Ashford https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HHHAcaiQkI, and for the birds I used this other tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10Rbtxsc3rU&t=2891s by Guido Ponzini. 



Work In Progress / 10 March 2021

Now that the Space Opera challenge is over, I finally managed to get back to working on this scene , since the last update I've sculpted some rocks, adjusted the lighting and some small tweaks to the temple texture. For the next update hopefully I can figure out how to paint some nice looking stylized clouds and maybe add more foliage. 

Concept by Andrew Porter   https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DxaVJE

Sculpt, texture, export, unreal.

Making Of / 10 January 2021

Quick update, finally managed to make some progress with this scene, been quite busy lately with work but now I have some more stuff to show. 

I sculpted the details on the temple and used the power of instanced layers to procedurally texture it in SP, I might go back later an play with the generators and masks a bit more but the foundation is done.

Still not sure If I will join the Artstation challenge but In case that I do I wanted to share a little bit more of this scene. 😊

I'm using as reference the amazing concept by Andrew Porter https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DxaVJE .

New Scene Blockout

Work In Progress / 05 October 2020

Happy blocktober everyone! here is the blockout of a new scene I'm working on at the moment. I've been busy lately but finally managed to make some progress and share it.

I'm using as reference the amazing concept by Andrew Porter https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DxaVJE .

Hopefully soon I can start doing some stylized sculpting in zbrush, start setting up some basic lighting in ue4 and adding more details to the scene. 😊

Foliage update....again

General / 22 September 2020

I updated my foliage...again! :p

Since I've posted this scene I haven't been happy with how the foliage looked, The method I used originally has worked great in the past for other stylized scenes with dynamic lighting and a different aesthetic, but somehow it wasn't working for this scene because the trees are larger and puffier than the ones I've used on other scenes, so that technique didn't end up looking so great, After trying 1 or 2 other methods without succes I think I've finally arrived at one that looks better.

I looked at my references again and decided to try a look that I always wanted to try since I saw the post on the polycount forums about making stylized trees, the airborn trees https://simonschreibt.de/gat/airborn-trees/ , recently I saw similar trees here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ybrDoK by Kevin Brunt,  and really liked the fluffier look they have. I think it works much better with the scene and hopefully now I can let this scene rest.... for now. 😄

I also updated the lighting a little bit, I was getting a washed out look because I had bumped up the skylight to get brighter shadows, I lowered the intensity back to default and increased the indirect lighting contribution from the sun. 

"A Work of Art Is Never Finished, Merely Abandoned"


Almost done

Work In Progress / 21 July 2020

Hi everyone!

So I'm almost finished with this scene, since the last update I've added mostly small details and fixed some errors around the scene, and also added the house in the bg. I've been staring at it for so long now that I'm probably missing something, so I would love to hear some opinions from everyone, any ideas for small details or errors that I might be missing so that I can finally call it done and publish it on my portfolio.

Hope you are all safe and well.

Foliage and shaders update

General / 10 July 2020

So it's time for another update 

After struggling a lot to get the lighting just right I finally managed something I like, I updated all the shaders again and might keep tweaking them just a little bit until it's finished, I also added some parallax mapping to the rocks and red bricks to make them pop out more. 

The foliage was made mostly using the mtree addon in blender for the trunks and scattering some planes using a particle system over some boolean spheres to get the nice rounded silhouettes.  

Hopefully this weekend I can start working on the house in the background from the original concept and fix some other details around the scene.