Sculpt, texture, export, unreal.

Making Of / 10 January 2021

Quick update, finally managed to make some progress with this scene, been quite busy lately with work but now I have some more stuff to show. 

I sculpted the details on the temple and used the power of instanced layers to procedurally texture it in SP, I might go back later an play with the generators and masks a bit more but the foundation is done.

Still not sure If I will join the Artstation challenge but In case that I do I wanted to share a little bit more of this scene. 😊

I'm using as reference the amazing concept by Andrew Porter .

3 cliffs and a pine tree

Making Of / 21 October 2019

Finally replaced the cliff blockout with some real geometry. This time I wanted to try something slightly different from past projects so I created a stylized cliff in substance designer and from there quickly generated 3 variations of the height map, which I used to mas the low poly cliff in zbrush and using surface deformation transferred the detail to the model, after some quick polishing of the result I had 3 decent looking cliff mesh models that I placed in the scene. The foliage was also created in substance designer. 

update: Same process to add some mountains in the BG.